11 January 2011

More Needlecord? Why Yes Please.....

My longing for needlecord has not yet been satisfied so I have started my second winter outfit this week - New Look 6826.

Given my neckline issues on my previous outfit, you would think that I would have followed my own advice of creating a muslin version first. But, no. I dived straight in and I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

I know it's naughty and if the material were super expensive I would definitely follow the right process, but when push comes to shove, I'm too impatient to make the same dress twice.....

Its a flaw - I have to confess that I have many!

Anyhow, things are progressing nicely. I'll either end up fairly smug that my resolve to avoid a muslin version had no impact on the final result, or I'll be cursing that I should have most definitely learnt my lesson the first time!

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