15 January 2011

Well, There Were Definitely Issues

My latest project is FINALLY complete.

I felt like giving up with this one - there were a number of issues along the way and at each point, I was ready to put it aside and move on to the next.

Bodice darts created cone shaped breasts; Necklines wouldn't sit flat; The bodice was larger than expected; Back darts were too short.

Yes, there were definitely issues. However, I ploughed through and I'm actually pleased that I did.

'Proper' shots to follow tomorrow but thought I'd pass on a taster...... (please ignore the lack of ironing as its late at night here now and, to be honest, I don't like to iron at the best of times!)

At the end of the day, it's finished and it's wearable - it will never be a favourite of mine but hey ho......it means I can move onto the next and learn from mistakes made.

Which also means that I got to visit the fabric store today (possibly the best part of sewing?!) and I bought these...

Yes, you have spotted more needlecord at the bottom right there (I just couldn't resist) but I'm actually most looking forward to using the animal print. Fabric details escape me I'm afraid but I already have something in mind for it!

More to come on that tomorrow......along with detailed review of New Look 6826.


  1. Love the dress Donna! Cant wait to see more pics =)

  2. I can't wait to see the pictures tomorrow. Looks lovely already. I also love your fabric choices. I have bought the turquoise rose print myself and turned it into a shirt waist dress http://horrormaedchen.blogspot.com/2011/01/finally-sewing-again-prooftwo-new.html
    I have now bought it again because it's so lovely. Don't have a project for it yet but maybe you'll make something with your that will inspire me to rose print garment number two.