4 January 2011

Birthday Treat & Winter Dresses

My standard winter attire consists of:

Dresses - Tights - Boots.

I'm known for it amongst my friends, but it's something with which I'm happy to be associated. For a start, it allows for the application of 1960s inspiration wherever possible - always a good thing - and it's also super comfy.

Just for a bit of insight....you'll never see me in jeans or trousers (unless I'm at home in my pjs), due to the fact that the resulting split between my top and bottom half emphasises all areas of my pear shaped figure that I would, on a regular basis, attempt to disguise.

So, I'm on a mission this winter to make myself some seasonal dresses to accompany my ever faithful tights and boots combo.

Its my birthday today, so I decided to treat myself and took a trip to the fabric store on my lunchbreak. I'm never one for knowing exactly what I'm looking for when I go to the store - given that I'm fairly new to this, I guess I like to feel the fabric in my hands before making final decisions. I deliberate massively which inevitably means I spend hours wondering around each aisle before eventually opting for the first fabric I found!

But not today. Today I knew what I was going in for. I wanted needlecord.

I'm not sure where my fascination with needlecord comes from. My mum loved dressing me in it as a child so maybe it stems from that but really, I just think the texture of the fabric is so seasonsal - thick, warm and soft. Perfect.

I searched, found and bought all in the space of 20 minutes. Definitely a record.

I bought these patterns a while ago and they've, so far, sat in the bottom of the drawer but I have now deemed them worthy of my new needlecord.......

I plan on making option E from New Look 6457 (the main picture) but have already decided to shortern the skirt considerably and ignore the piping. I guess I'm going for 'kitsch' rather than ' prim' on this one.

I have high hopes for New Look 6826. Option B definitely epitomises that 60s look and the blue needlecord should work nicely.

So my next projects have been decided. I love that feeling. Full of anticipation and hope followed by the longing to get home and sit at the machine.
Unfortunately, I'll have to make do with my laptop at work until 5pm.

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  1. Happy Birthday! Glad I found your blog, I only started mine a couple of months ago and I'm now completely addicted to both sewing blogs and making clothes! Good luck with the needlecord dresses. x