3 January 2011

Completed Simplicity 2591 - The First

Okay, so I'm cheating a little with the timeline here as this was technically, completed in 2010, but still, it was my first completed project so I felt it should be included in the journey.

Meet Simplicity 2591:

I wasn't sold on the gathered neckline option so opted for option A......turns out, for a first dress, it was a little tricky.
What you don't really see from the pattern picture is that the side of the dress is made up of long, deep pockets. Looks great on the finished product (and pockets are a guilty pleasure of mine) but blimey, it caused me some problems in the construction.
Somehow - and I sound vague because I actually cut the side pieces twice and this still happened! - one side of the dress was wider than the other. Clearly something went a little wrong....being new to this, I'm afraid your guess is as good as mine.....but I blindly adjusted and fiddled and it's not particularly noticeable to the naked eye.

Other features of the dress seemed fairly straightforward. Gathered skirt, front and back, worked well and, although my sleeves ended up a little smaller than they probably should have (mainly due to poor sewing), my top arms are not particularly loved so undertops are my wardrobe staple.

Completed project:

I absolutely adore the material, which always encourages me to pick it out from the wardrobe....just cotton, but the colours and the pattern make me feel all warm inside.

It's certainly not perfect but it's wearable - an achievement in my mind. Plus, given it's the first one, it will always hold a special place in my heart!

p.s. now that my sewing activities have a real home, photography will improve....


  1. This is an excellent first dress, it looks great on you! Ironically it's exactly the first dress I ever made and posted about...mine turned out wonky and un-wearable though :o(

  2. Really cute, you look great! Good luck with your next projects xxx

  3. Would you be willing to sell Simplicity 2591?