2 January 2011

The Year Of Sewing

I guess it would be good to start with how I've ended up here, writing this blog........

The way a person chooses to dress has always intrigued me. An external representation of their character. Definitely a powerful thing.

This intrigue dragged me into the world of fashion. I certainly don't pretend to be all knowledgeable on the subject but when I choose to delve into it, the escapism it provides is second-to-none. The extravagance, elegance, frivolity and beauty of it all makes me tingle and even though the chances of me ever being able to afford an Oscar de la Renta dress are slim, I can at least dream.

However, this dream eventually pops and I find myself back in the real world, with a wardrobe that bores me and limited income to splurge on pretty outfits. What's more, I have been born with 'child-bearing' hips and a big bust. Now, mood-depending, I often see these 2 things as a blessing.......my new hubby certainly does(!).........but when it comes to finding clothes with that perfect fit, i struggle.

Oh how I wish I could find a dress that softly skims the hips, allows for a full bust without pulling and doesn't bag at the waist.

Then a year ago, I faced what could quite possibly be seen as the biggest decision a girl has to make.....her wedding dress. I wanted lace, full stop. I also wanted a vintage dress but my dad wanted white, full stop (given he was covering the cost of the entire wedding I afforded him this!). So I went hunting for a vintage-style, white, lace dress and, as ever, struggled to find the perfect fit.

And then I realised that what you see doesn't necessarily have to be what you get.......I had found a dress I liked but it wasn't 'the one'. Specific features bothered me - the sleeves (or lack of), the neckline, the fit of the bodice. So we bought it and we had them changed. Just like that. It was perfect.

Sewing skills were suddenly deemed essential. Post-honeymoon, I completed a 6-week dressmaking course to learn the basics and have now found myself here.

I have a lot more to learn and I am positive there will be mistakes made along the way, but fingers crossed I'll pick it up eventually and slowly build a wardrobe of my own creation.

I have already found so many of you doing the same thing and I am so excited to start this journey, picking up as many hints and tips as possible!

Here's to 2011...........The year of sewing.


  1. Hi Donna, thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment!

    I think it's great that you've started blogging about your sewing, I know it's helped me heaps. There are so many lovely people around with so much experience that they gladly and readily share! Hope you find it as enjoyable as I do ;o)

    I look forward to following your progress!!!

  2. Donna thank you so much for your lovely post on my blog :) Like you I've only just started - it's exciting isn't it!

    Just think - as you get better & better at sewing you'll be able to make yourself those dresses for your hips 'n' bust :) (Have you checked out Tasia's Pendrell Blouse - she's started a pattern line for pear-shaped ladies?)

    Good luck with all your sewing 'n' posting.

    Best wishes,