28 January 2011

Thankful It's Friday

It has been a long old week.

And all my good intentions to sew until my fingers drop off have been scuppered. Mainly, I hate to say, because of work again.

When work takes over my life and I'm left with no time for hobbies, I feel blue. Sometimes, I wish I could stay at home all day making pretty things and baking cakes......

I have, however, started on my muslin for Vogue 8511. And yes, shock horror, I am actually making a muslin!! But don't you think muslins always look so sad and ugly?!

Anyway, I'm still sneaking a minute here and there at work to take a peek at everyone's blog updates - it keeps me sane when I'm drowning in spreadsheets!

What would you guys do if you never had to work again???


  1. Oooh. This is my favorite game. What would I do if I won the lottery and never had to work again... I would travel, of course. See all the places I have only read about in books. I would move someplace warmer. I would volunteer my time so I would get out of the house occasionally. And I would, of course, sew and do other crafty things more.

  2. Try making your muslin in a prettier (but still inexpensive) fabric. Makes the process more appealing. (and if it works out well you end up with another dress that no-one ever realises started off life as a muslin!!) Bonus!
    Try not to work toooo hard!

  3. Cake, did you say cake? It sounds like you need a break at home just playing, baking and sewing. Work can take over your whole life pretty quickly! I hope you find so time soon to play!